Through this book you will learn to:

  • Pivot you for stagnation to motion
  • Unlock the happiness with you
  • Living regrets
  • Meet your true potential
  • Un-leash the abundance in your life

Revealing Who You Are an amazing, and wonderful book in which Kwesha lay down a blueprint to rich complete happiness in seven chapters, she speaks on many thing from the embryo which is our starting point embraces all about you, to discover the happiness within you, eliminate fear, the you can stand up for yourself in a way to grab hold of your vision, bring it on, make it really takes actions and go for it.  This book will help anyone who is looking for knowledge to find wisdom and happiness especially the youngsters.

Ernst Georges

I enjoyed reading you book, It gives and encouraging and motivational guide to help oneself overcome fear of failure to accomplish their purpose.  It helps you understand how the distractions of the World's false reality keeps us from living our lives with the purpose, and happiness that is given to us The Most High God.

Lakeya Hunt

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