As a Life Coach and Author we all came into this world full of joy and happiness. But sometimes in life, uncertainty can get in the way, and rob you of your happiness. Experiences such as losing a job, living in fear and accepting life's rejections can cause you to lose your joy.

In Revealing Who You will learn how to nurture your happiness.  Kwesha Denice Neal will guide you to love yourself unconditionally and to give life's rejection a new meaning.  She will teach how to eliminate toxicity out of your life, and how to reinvent yourself each day.

"The book Revealing Who You Are is a candid reflections for peeling back the layers of feeling and emotions to get to the core of the truest self.  Ms. Neal teaches on what and where happiness actually resides, being fearless and how to grab hold of your vision.  The sage book of wisdom and experience has been true eye opening experience.


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